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JOSEF is the travel experience to discover a more than apples and cows South Tyrol through the eyes of its insiders: creative, innovative and visionary people who recommend their favourite spots and products and share their secret tips. JOSEF is not only a printed travel guide. Local and international illustrators, designers, photographers and editors have made it a cool book to collect.
The four books cover the entire region of South Tyrol, the city of Bolzano (on its re-edition), 
the city of Meran and its surroundings and the city of Trento.
JOSEF is designed and published by franzLAB, for you, to enjoy your journey in Trentino South Tyrol like an insider.
After the Bolzano, Meran and Trento editions, a super-duper issue of the by-now classic JOSEF’s edit for adventurous intruders covers the entirety of South Tyrol: SUPER JOSEF. To the North, the South, the East and the West: South Tyrol is explored in all its secret nooks and crannies, from high-altitude huts, hotels and hideaways to urban shops, museums, artists studios and artisanal workshops. Insider tips are mindful of the young and the old, of families and young lovers. Sassy intros break down the whys and hows of valleys and villages, providing tips and tricks on where to eat and drink like a local, and plenty of advice on what to see and when. SUPER JOSEF speaks Italian, German and English, and it comes to life through the plain naughty illustrations by Olimpia Zagnoli and the pop design by Studio Mut.
JOSEF is the new travel experience and guide written by insiders to explore a “more than apples and cows” South Tyrol and Trentino off the beaten track. 140 pages filled with gazillion treats and tips on where to eat, elate and educate yourself all around the beating heart of South Tyrol. Take a walk on the wild side of local street culture. Prick your taste buddies with some Alpensushi or go solo eating Krapfen on a bench along the Talvera. Play the Schicki Micki between traditional Südtirolensien and Contemporary Art. Join the action-packed Architectour led by the Turris Babel fellas. Listen to the Italian Stories of local artisans. Bag-up the insider’s feel with the 9 must-haves of our eclectic Shopping Bag. Marvel at Studio Mut’s design concept and illustrations. Be Bozen-bound.
111+ pages covering the ritziest town in South Tyrol, where once-upon-a-time grandeur waltzes with modern mesh-ups: Sisi and the sassy, burgers and the burghers, the scrubbed and the scribbled. Cook ginger pasta with designer Martino Gamper. Talk the talk with a guide to the unpredictable dialect from the Vinschgau Valley. Walk the walk with Monocle founder and Meran-aficionado Tyler Brûlé. Indulge in a spot of shopping with our guide to the 8 designy, foodie and techy highlights speaking to Merano’s cosmopolitan calling. Gape at Susann Stefanizen’s illustrations. Keep up with Studio Mut’s design concept. Amused and amazed in Merano and surroundings.
111++ insider tips on where to grab a bite, pub crawl like there is no tomorrow, have a wholesome family adventure or savour the greenery in the capital city of Trentino. Stroll around the al Sas Squarelet to eat, chat and shop like a local. Hop on the Campomarzio wagon to enjoy a kickass Architectour around Trento. Visit the Wunderkammer Collection to see something really rad. Top it off with the 8 designy, foodie and sporty essentials of our Shopping Bag, if you dare becoming an authentic local. Take a peek at Collettivo Mare’s illustrations. Spice it up with Studio Studio Mut’s design concept. Trento-thrills on a high.
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